Loving Colour

I know people who dismiss art works out of hand. They say things like ‘but I could do that!’ or ‘it’s just colours’, or ‘why is that any good?’.  I walked with someone through an art shop yesterday, for example. I pointed out some Rothko cards, saying ‘I love these colours!’ And my friend gave me the bemused expression – the ‘are you mad’ look. They didn’t like Rothko’s work, obviously.

I do not consider myself an artist, but I have worked obsessively at photographing soap bubbles. I love the colours and textures. It’s as simple as just looking at bubbles and wanting to swear how rich the colours are. I get so I want to say the names of the colours out loud to someone: ‘look at the GREENS, the PURPLES, the BLUES, the ORANGES!!!!’

Bubble ColoursI love colours. It’s that simple. I love coloured pencils, rainbows, soap bubbles, stained glass windows, flowers, paint samples. I get a kick from the greens in a William Eggleston photograph! I love Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks! I live near to Salts Mill, where there are many beautiful art books laid out on tables. I spend a lot of time looking at the covers of books, absorbing the shapes and colours into my being. One book is particularly lovely – Colour Deconstructed.

And can it be that lots of people are just not interested in colours, or do not like colours?

Or is it that these people just expect more from ‘art’ somehow? Do they expect to be catered to in a complex way? Do they need a bit of realism, need to be sold an idea in some detailed kind of a way? Do they need to be led by the hand, entertained, pampered, influenced, be provided for? Is colour too simple for them? Is it somehow not enough?

Just some thoughts! Perhaps I just know too many people who are just not roused by colour. Perhaps appreciating and absorbing colour is something that takes time. Perhaps I’m developing into a colour connoisseur.

I’ll leave you with another of my bubble photos, Entwined:

Entwined(P.S. I would love to insert images other than my own into my posts, but I am wary of infringing other people’s copyright.)


About rjheeks

From 2008 to 2013 I completed a PhD on Discovery Writing. I also love photography. I'm best known for photographing soap bubbles. I also like rock art (ancient art/markings on rocks). I live near Ilkley (Yorkshire, UK) where there are quite a few pieces of rock art.
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4 Responses to Loving Colour

  1. Lovely article. I worked for over 10 years as a Telecine Colourist. It was my job to colour grade film and video. I worked with Rushes transfers, projection prints, documentaries, pop promos, short films, feature films, animation… I could affect the mood of the piece or change a scene from day to night but when I explained what I did to people they looked at me blankly. Then when I explained further they generally left with the impression that I was a graphic designer or an Editor.
    I think the thought that I just worked with colour was a difficult concept as my job suddenly seemed so narrow and unimportant. Really, how could I spend ten hours working on the colour of a documentary and also love my job? Colour fascinates me and has the power to change some much without us even being aware of it.

    • rjheeks says:

      Thanks. That’s a fascinating link. Colour and how we experience colours, is something very much on my mind at the moment. It was kind of at the back of my mind, but your link gives me some terms to Google with, which could help me get ideas moving in the front of my mind. Suffice to say that bubbles can provide a whole rainbow of colours, and I find myself responding to the colours differently. It’s partly experimental, in that if I see a particular colour I haven’t seen before, I then try to create it again. And then I realise that I really really like particular colours. And then there can be strange spin offs, because different colours provide different kinds of reflections in the bubbles. But anyway, I digress. Thanks!!!

  2. I love colors too. I love them enough to create a blog like this. 😀 http://www.iclikallthetime.wordpress.com

  3. Colour and photography has always been my passion in art too. I really appreciate what it is your doing hear. I like the how you abstract a real image via these soap bubble looking glass designs. Makes for some very contemplative works of art.

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